Operating since 2013, serving more than 50 clients across a wide variety of industries and businesses – including B2C, B2B, product and service.  Here are few examples:

Brand Strategy

  • Dairy Connection – Defining brand messaging to improve marketing efficacy, align internal company culture and position the business for future growth.
  • Shelf.io – Startup branding to understand customer personas and accurately communicate company value.  Read more in the Shelf.io Case Study
  • Empirical Point – Refining brand voice and content to organize a new website and inform future marketing direction.

Marketing Strategy

  • Blast Motion – Comprehensive startup Marketing strategy to bring product to market, both online and in retail.  Including packaging development, product marketing plans and internal marketing department structure.  Read more in the Blast Motion Case Study.
  • DA Digital – Working to reach a very targeted audience with effective communication, outreach and webinar strategies.

Fractional CMO

  • RingRx – Planning and driving content marketing efforts, understanding customer needs to inform product UI development and identifying paths for growth marketing and targeting a larger customer base.
  • CMA Academy – Focusing on incremental growth marketing though maximizing content efforts, thought leadership positioning and identifying areas for new marketing opportunities outside of digital marketing.

Additional Experience

  • San Diego Sport Innovators – Marketing Consulting and Mentor Program Management since 2017, increasing awareness of the organization and doubling the size of their legacy Accelerator program.

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