The Marketing Misconception

The Marketing Misconception

I hear it all the time.  And it’s one of the biggest mistakes individuals and companies make in hiring marketing help; “we want to hire someone with industry experience”.  There it is, The Marketing Misconception.  For every position, there’s the ideal candidate that has the exact skills, experience and industry knowledge you need.  But when timelines and budgets are involved (and they almost always are) valuing marketing experience and know how over industry experience will always serve you well.

Marketing is a skill set.  It’s like a toolbox or playbook.   Once you know what a flat head screwdriver is, you’ll always know how to use it, whether you’re fixing a car, building a house or prying open a paint can.  What good marketers know is how to use the tools, which tools are right for the job and when to use them.

It’s a tricky time for marketing.  In a way, it’s really easy and nearly anyone can do it.  Sure, anyone can start a Facebook page, or set-up a MailChimp account, write a blog post or monitor a Google Analytics account, but it’s strategy that makes marketing work and really moves the needle.  Creating a plan that connects all your marketing efforts and continues to optimize those efforts over time will always deliver results.  With a great marketing strategy in place, you can work less, spend less and achieve more.

You’re the expert in your industry.  I’m the expert in marketing.   Combining those two areas of expertise and using the knowledge from both vantage points is what creates powerful solutions that work.   I know the questions to ask and the research needed to guide you to making the right marketing choices, regardless of the industry.

We’re all consumers of marketing in one way or another and outside perspective carries a lot of value.  Go with a professional who’s aided in achieving goals similar to the ones you’ve set for your business, rather than prioritizing industry knowledge.  Once you see through The Marketing Misconception, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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