Case Study: Refining Audiences and Messaging



Quest creates a simple product, in a unique way.  Using behavioral science, Quest integrated athletics and core values to create a youth sports coaching system that has much more impact – and value – then typical coaching curriculum alone. The value of their coaching program extends to youth, parents, coaches and community, so the challenge was to succinctly explain the product, and the value, to all the appropriate audiences, through one simple website. 

As you can see below, their previous website was text heavy, and while full of good content, made it difficult to understand exactly what the product was that the customer was receiving for the price of purchase.

The Project

By building out client personas, we were able to identify what selling points were most important to each audience, allowing us to organize messaging and create compelling web and sales content that accurately described the Quest product, in a way that resonated with each type of customer.

Quest Today

Armed with an organized brand document, they can inform all marking decisions and pull from standardized messaging that speaks to their target customers for any initiative moving forward.

Project Highlights

  • Branding Exercises to identify core customer personas and unique selling proposition
  • Information architecture for website design
  • Copywriting